April 21, 2015

bedtime with Nûby

since this kid has become more mobile, we have spent more time trying to keep him contained with the least amount of mess. somehow things seem to be thrown all over the floor, tonight it was my Harley Davidson poker chip collection, which kept him quiet entertained. night time is daddy time, every weekday morning he is up and gone before he even wakes up. so i'm with him all morning and daddy gets his quality time in at night.
while he gets him ready for his bath, i prepare his bottle. our Nuby Non-Drip 2 Stage Bottle is a morning and evening staple. this baby holds 11oz which is more than any of his other bottles and is lighter than his glass bottles, making it easier for him to hold.
baths are right up his alley, and gets so excited even if he hears the shower running for when we take one. toys are a must for this kid to play with and this Nuby Bath Book is a great one to have. he loves books and babbling to himself. the bright colored and durable pages withstand his front teeth. waterproof and easy to clean, make it easier for daddy to manage picking up.
not sure who enjoys the baths more, daddy or him? hearing those giggles outside the bathroom make me happy to have my husband home for them to share these moments.
daddy is adamant about getting into a routine, and brushing teeth is a must! so when i saw this Nuby Oral Care Set, i couldn't say no. it's a great start to get him used to having a toothbrush in his mouth, and not to mention makes for a great teether for those never-ending teething moments. which seem to occur more often than not. he loves to hold onto the brushes and chew away, and the design of these make it easy for him to do that.
mommy's say for bedtime routine, must include a book or two. lately his favorite is The Hungry Caterpillar. he loves when we count with his finger the food. i love sitting in the room watching my husband read to him and see our son's eyes just light up with every page.
while daddy gives him his bottle and rocks him off to dream land, momma finally takes some time for herself. a little netflix, a lot of ice cream and some editing client photo sessions.

Nuby Bath Book (available in store at Meijer)
Nuby Oral Care Set (available at Baby Depot at Burlington and www.babiesrus.com)
Nuby Non-Drip 2 Stage Standard Neck Bottle (available at Baby Depot at Burlington and CVS)

I am a part of the Nuby Parent Blogger program, where I receive products in exchange for posting a review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

April 13, 2015

day in the life

i always loved looking at other photographer's day-in-the-life snapshots but for some reason never motivated myself enough to do one for me. well this weekend, i finally lugged my camera, a diaper bag and purse with me. we took our son to Chicago for the first time and met up with our wedding photographer for a mini photo session. here's how our day started:
06:00 | almost on the dot every. day. our son wakes up. i have yet to set an alarm clock since he's been sleeping through the night. these two items have made my morning so much easier. we have used the baby brezza since he transitioned over to formula around 4/5 months. my husband was adamant about glass bottles and we we used them from the beginning. but now he is drinking so much more that 8oz ones won't work. cue the Nuby 2 Stage Standard Neck Bottle. it's 11oz size is perfect for his morning chug and BPA free which makes for a happy daddy too.

07:00 | as we (well just me) sat on my closet floor and second guessed any outfit i chose for our photo session, this happened! our little man took his first crawls forward and both of us were there to witness it! he made about two feet and decided my sock and under garment bins were far more interesting.

08:00 | and we are off, after a quick stop for a Hardee's fast food breakfast. for anyone that doesn't already realize, their biscuits are sooo delish! beau wanted every peice of my breakfast sandwich and we again brought our trusty Nuby bottle. downing some orange juice, he can master it pretty easy with the handles. which makes me happy not to have to keep twisting my body 180 degrees holding it up for him.

09:00 | these new teeth have been a beast just like the first couple. he just got his other top two (making it four on top) now and one more if not another (along with the two bottom previous) popping through. i've tried so many "teethers" and he never is interested. so i offered him a toothbrush from his Nuby Tooth & Gum Care Set, we just started to use at night time, and he loved it. it was so easy for him to hold onto and gave him some relief until he fell fast asleep on the drive down to Chicago.

10:00 | when we road trip, my husband drives. heck he drives even if we are going down the road, unless i insist that i want to. so when we hit some small Chiacgo traffic, he started to hold back some choice words while I took the opportunity to capture a city i have had googly eyes for since my college art trip visits.

11:00 | has to be one of my favorite captures to date of my son, definitely of today no doubt. thanks to my husband's fantastic driving skills (with a huge truck) we managed to get to the studio space early. we let this kid stand on my lap and stick his head out the window like a dog. it's funny how he mimics Harlee and how the fresh air instantly calms his mood.

12:00 | mini session with Redwall Photography is complete. i was instantly wishing i had a space to capture clients in like that during the times weather isn't the best. an old (worlds largest at some point) pasta factory turned art studio spaces. all three floors and old exposed (and working) elevator. had me swooning. although a crabby and fussy baby had us running for the door. he usually is so great but today wasn't one of his photogenic days, of course.

13:00 | so with a fussy baby in tow, not liking being strapped back into his seat. we decided to forgo downtown festivities and make our way out of Chicago. we headed for a must-visit that's been on my list forever. but first: lunch and drinks.

14:00 | ikea. finally. both our first visit too, and if you were a fellow shopper you could have helped pick our jaws off the floor. we were overwhelmed. so many options. so many cute pillows. oh look at that adorable duvet cover. 500 dollars later, we both promised ourselves at least a new home purchase before we ever go back. highly dangerous.

16:00 | conveniently we had brought the truck and had no issues loading my husband's new work space in the back. we made our way back to WI with an over tired baby and a happy momma riding along side. dreaming of what her first house will look like.

17:00 | teething biscuits have been pure gold the ride home. after another bottle, he finally crashed and we drove back in silence.

18:00 | had a moment where i realized "this is it, this is what i have been wanting" since my husband came home from deployment. driving his truck, the radio on, my feet up on the dash and our baby asleep in the back. it was a perfect ending to an exhausting but fun day.

I am a part of the Nuby Parent Blogger program, where I receive products in exchange for posting a review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

•Oral Care Set can be found at Baby Depot at Burlington and www.babiesrue.com
•Non-Drip 2 Stage Standard Neck Bottle can be found at Baby Depot of Burlington and CVS