October 1, 2014

slow down

tonight, as i'm running around the house, picking up all of the dog toys Harlee leaves everywhere, gathering all the laundry, waiting for the bottles to soak in the hot water a little longer, he cries out. this wasn't a normal cry, it almost sounded like "mom i'm done playing, pick me up". just as i did, his hand went out to grab some of my tee, he wrapped his other arm around mine, and put his head on my shoulder. he wanted his mom. i melted. just then i realized i needed to slow down again. all this rushing around just to get another thing checked off on my every growing list of things to do. he needed me more. thank you buddy for that small reminder tonight.

so we spent the rest of the night, dancing around the kitchen to some old garth brook's tunes, reading a couple halloween books (hey, it's october). then cuddled up on the couch with his night-time bottle, as i soaked him in a little more tonight. he will never be this small again. i need to stop and take it all in. remember these small moments, cherish them and don't ever take them for granted. ever.

September 26, 2014

six months

for real. half a year. has gone by already. reminiscing through his first week of life photos, i shed a small tear. i won't ever have this 3lb baby ever again. i remember when it was so easy to hold him in one of my arms all day long. this little man just continues to grow and grow before my eyes. he has officially rolled over from his back to his belly (as of last night), but he doesn't know what to do with his arms yet. he has found his hands and loves that thumb of his.

he is a very talkative boy and loves to be talked to and when he's silent he studies a person. he has a wider range of whines now and it's easier to tell whether he is tired or super hungry. that's really only times he cries. and for that i'm thankful. along with still sleeping through the night. sometimes i can hear him in the night wake up, but he doesn't cry out. blowing spit bubbles are his latest past time, especially at 4:30am when he thinks momma should be getting up. thankfully he falls back asleep until 6:30.  he still does circles in his crib at night, by lifting his legs and butt high in the air. it's fun to see what position he's in when i get him out of his crib in the morning. his giggles are the best, and he laughs and smiles when he having his clothes changed. Lord help me if this kid is not going to like clothes later on in life. ha ha.

he is taking larger bottles in the morning and we have introduced rice cereal the week before. really no reaction to it, but once he realized the spoon goes into his mouth, he gobbled it all down. he enjoys sitting in his high chair while i eat. now that he's 6 months i'm going to start giving him some veggies to try out. it will be fun to see what he thinks of those. first up: sweet potato tonight!

i purchased a baby Einstein's VHS at a thrift store before he was born, and i played it to him recently. it held his attention and i swear he didn't blink for a good couple minutes because he was mesmerized by it. daddy still gets a kick out of his eyes still being blue. we thought by now they'd turn brown just like daddy's. his hair hasn't really grown much either, still rocking the old-man hairline thanks to being on his back often throughout the day and night.

next week he has his NICU follow up and i'm excited to go back to the hospital. relive some of those memories and see those fantastic NICU doctors and nurses. they had helped me so much in preparing to bring my son home, i would have never ready if it wasn't for them. but as for tonight, i will have a hard time putting his down in his crib to sleep because before you know it, he will be a year old. just like that. need to remember forever just how "little" he once was.