April 18, 2014

third week

things this week have went from zero to 60 it feels like. this weekend little man took his entire bottle and things just "clicked". which in turn meant, no more feeding tube! he has since then taking his bottles like a champ. almost forgetting to breathe in between his big gulps. he has passed every test with flying colors and every doctor has said just how much this guy has been an overachiever. for a baby born at 32 weeks, they are surprised just how well he has progressed so fast. makes me one proud momma. with all this progression brings on the question on when he will be going home from the NICU, and well that question has been answered.

if everything goes according to plan, he will be coming home a day after he turns 3 weeks (35 week gestational age). this just boggles my mind. am i ready? heck no, i was suppose to have two months yet to prepare. i've went online shopping crazy and made a couple large target stops as well. i just hope i'm ready, every nurse and doctor says that i am. but ready to this on my own? there is no daddy-help available, the clothes haven't been washed, the bottles haven't been sanitized, the house hasn't been vacuumed/deep cleaned, his stroller hasn't arrived, the video monitors haven't been chosen, so many things to do. the list just seems to get longer as i think about it more. does this nervousness every subside? i just can't believe i'm going to be taking my 35 week baby home, 5 weeks before he should have made his arrival.

i know things happen for a reason, and i'm thankful to have 3 weeks of practice in with nurses and monitors to help ease my anxiety. i am going to miss that safety net and those extra hands. i have never felt so comfortable having him in the NICU but i guess it's time for him to fly that coop and head home. one, baby-ready or not, that is waiting for him. i just pray that this momma can handle it all, plus a puppy's needs, while still managing to some how get some sleep. only time will tell.

April 17, 2014


"a portrait, once a week, for the year of 2014"

week twelve.

i can't stop taking photos of my little man. when his eyes are open, it's the best. i can't wait to take him home and do some "newborn" photos. hopefully he won't be too big, because then those late night (at 2:30am) purchases will have been wasted. thanks to etsy. :)